Digital, Media & Technology

Are you looking to implement a complex IT project, do you need clarification on the legal issues of eCommerce, or do you have questions about compliance with data protection law when using artificial intelligence?

We support your digitalisation project – from planning through to implementation - regardless of whether you are implementing the project yourself, working in cooperation with others, or seeking to acquire a target in the digital sector.

And where you encounter difficulties during implementation, we’re here for you: we help with ADR and out-of-court settlement and represent you in court, for example, when IT projects fail or copyright is infringed.

Our experienced team of specialists are at home not only in the relevant areas of law but also in your sector: many of our lawyers are “digital natives” and know the media sector intimately.

We provide you with comprehensive advice on topics such as compliance, data protection, and IT and cybersecurity. Our field-tested team can assist with your transactions, contractual negotiations, and licencing issues.

We’re here to help you with all your media law questions with our deep knowledge of the broadcasting, print, and digital media sectors gained over many years.

ADVANT Beiten is recommended in the field of Media and Press Law.
(JUVE Handbook German Commercial Law Firms 2022/2023)

"The team is very broadly positioned and essentially covers all areas of law that their clients require. Enquiries are dealt with comprehensively, competently and very promptly. At the same time, there is always a friendly and obliging atmosphere.", "The firm is unique in combining down-to-earthness and focus on the essentials with excellent legal quality and a high level of commercial understanding. This is the firm from which you get results at a reasonable price, not hot air.", "One of the best teams in Germany for interactive entertainment.", "Outstanding IP knowledge. Exceptional industry knowledge in interactive entertainment. Great responsiveness."
(The Legal 500 Germany 2022)

ADVANT Beiten is recommended in the field of Media and Press Law.
(JUVE Handbook German Commercial Law Firms 2021/2022)

"Strenghts: experience in the games industry"
(JUVE Handbook of Commercial Law Firms 2021/2022)

BEITEN BURKHARDT is TOP TIER Firm in the field of Media Law.
(The Legal 500 EMEA 2021)

Our experts in the field of Media Law are recommended. 
( 2020/2021)

First Place in “Media Law” Ranking
( 2019/2020)

“Ambitious team, deep understanding of the games industry.”
JUVE Handbook of Commercial Law Firms 2019/2020, 2018/2019)




We’re recognised as the “leading firm” for media law and provide comprehensive advice on all issues specific to the media sector, from free speech and media supervisory law to special issues arising under employment and antitrust law.


Our games team provides outstanding advice on the whole spectrum of issues facing the games industry. We assist you, for example, with intellectual property (IP) and consumer protection issues, draft contracts (including general terms and conditions), advise on compliance (including the protection of minors and data protection), represent you in litigation, and support you throughout your projects and transactions.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is quickly gaining significance. We help you assess and master the legal requirements of AI: from the data protection law limits of using AI to the specific liability pitfalls when licencing it, or questions of who owns the “intellectual property” when the work is created by AI.

FinTech, NFTs, Tokens, Blockchain

NFTs, tokens and blockchains raise many new legal questions. Banking regulations, copyright, licencing conditions, and smart contracts are just a few aspects you must consider when using them. But we are also at home in the FinTech world, building multidisciplinary teams of banking and IT law specialists to assist and advise you.

New Mobility, Shared Mobility

Mobility is in flux – user behaviour and the demands on mobility and services are changing rapidly. We are well-versed in the concept of “mobility as a service” and help the mobility sector adapt. Our team advises on the consumer, data protection, and IT law issues that arise when developing sharing infrastructure. Naturally, AI is increasingly on board: cars are becoming rolling computers. Our digital specialists are at home in this area, too.

Art Law

The art market is evolving rapidly and extremely successfully. Increasing digitalisation has advanced the access to new distribution channels and buyer groups. Because of this development you have to face new and complex challenges. Advant Beiten  is your ideal partner; supporting and accompanying you in every situation. Our experts advise internationally-renown artists, collectors, foundations, galleries, auction houses, museums and fine art dealers. With the utmost discretion and experience, we assert your interests and provide you with in-depth support.

Our primary practice areas are:

  • Import and export of cultural assets 
  • Protection of cultural property 
  • Digital art (NFT) 
  • Collection management and assistance with the purchase and sale of works of art 
  • Drafting contracts for fine art dealers and galleries 
  • Auction law
  • Organisational and legal support for permanent loans 
  • Restitution law 
  • Advice on forgeries 
  • Copyright law 
  • Foundation, tax and inheritance law 
  • The legal management of artists' estates

Med Tech

The medical sector is constantly changing with doctors and politicians demanding digitalisation. We help you navigate the jungle of data protection and medical law issues, regardless of whether you are developing MedTech solutions or are a hospital wishing to use them.


To protect our clients and their IT systems, data, and reputations, we provide preventative and responsive advice and coordinate with external forensic experts and PR agencies for crisis management, as requested. We help you make the necessary notifications, for example, to law enforcement or data protection authorities and assist with internal investigations.

Data Protection and Data Economy

Data protection and the “ownership” of data are central to digital business models. We help you ensure compliance with data protection law requirements and advise you on how to use these requirements to your advantage.

eCommerce und mCommerce

Electronic and mobile commerce are constantly changing and are subject to new regulations (e.g., at EU level) and a relentless stream of jurisprudence, especially on consumer protection issues and liability for (third-party) content. We help you develop a secure framework for your business.

Software Development, Licencing, Outsourcing and Open Source

Software development and licencing must take account of the rights and claims of customers, the limits of what is technically and logistically possible, and any copyright for software that is already on the market (including open source). Our many years of practical experience allow us to assist you with contractual negotiations to ensure a successful partnership – regardless of whether you are using cloud, SaaS, APS or on premise software, or a waterfall or agile development model. When outsourcing internal IT, clear procedures need to be defined and the duties and tasks of all parties must be stipulated. Our well-founded practical knowledge is an asset when dealing with these steps.

Technology Transactions

Our expertise in technology transactions is of note. With experienced M&A lawyers and experts for the digital, technology, and media sectors, our team regularly advises investors and target companies. Our sound practical knowledge ensures you set the right priorities, from the due diligence assessment to the negotiation of contracts.

Dispute Settlement

We’re here for you if your digital project is not going to plan. We assist with de-escalation discussions and put you in the best possible position for any court proceedings. Naturally, we represent your interests zealously in court and before arbitration committees. We have excellent experts on call and a proven network of foreign law firms that can assist in cross-border disputes.

Antitrust Law in the Digital Sector, Digital Markets Act

Specific antitrust law issues arise in the digital sector: companies with a strong market position are often accused of abusing their dominant position or using exclusivity clauses to restrict competition. The European Commission and the German Federal Cartel Office aggressively pursue infringements in this area. The Digital Markets Act helps put digital “gatekeepers” in their place and reduce the reliance of businesses on them. Does your company have a strong market position? We advise and represent you before antitrust authorities and when drafting agreements to prevent disputes from arising. Or are you dependent on another company? We show you how you can use competition law to your advantage.

Digital Services Act & the Digital Internal Market

The European Commission is dedicated to completing the digital internal market and has adopted various legislation designed to advance this goal, such as the omnibus and digital content directives, which have been transposed into German law. In Germany, the “Gesetz über digitale Dienste” or Digital Services Act applies directly and introduces numerous new obligations, especially for online platforms. We help companies understand and fulfil the requirements of this changing legal landscape.