“Contact to clients early on and flat hierarchies – that’s what I value here.”
“Individual solutions need trust. And that is exactly what you’ll find here.”

“Do you have questions about your career with us? Wonderful! Then let's get talking.”

Daniela Brüggemann, Head of HR


Why should you have a career with us?

We could give you many long and detailed answers to this question. And one short one: you’ll fit right in.

Are you interested in the work of a large corporate law firm? We assume this will be the case. Do you want to continue to grow professionally and make a difference? Good. Are you a lateral thinker and are you ready to be innovative? See, we knew it: you’ll fit right in.

What – and especially who – you can expect, well… it’s best if our colleagues tell you themselves. Do you have any questions? Let us know!

Best regards,

Nicolas Baschin, HR Manager, Head of Recruiting and HR Development

Your career path:

Whatever your personal career path might look like: we regularly choose to make up our associates to partners.

Advanced Secondment Programme

You want to think outside the box and add an international secondment to your career track while with us? ADVANT Beiten offers you as an associate or a salary partner the opportunity to work and live at one of the offices of our European alliance for up to three months. You can develop intercultural competence, expand your professional network, gain an insight into other jurisdictions and improve your language skills - a secondment is a worthwhile experience. Depending on the personal and professional focus of your stay abroad, our secondment programme will take you to Milan, Paris or Rome.

Seize the chances we offer you as a member of the strong ADVANT alliance - START YOUR JOURNEY TO EUROPE!

Start your career as an Associate

You have passed all your exams? Let's start building your career together! You will have contact with clients from the very start. That way, you will learn immediately how to deal with them, how to quickly grasp complex facts, how to assess these facts from a legal perspective and how to provide targeted advice. You will develop your legal know-how in training programmes, like those run by our Academy and, of course, in practice. You will work with ADVANT Beiten as an associate for the first two years and already take part in the bonus scheme during that period.

Senior Associate

After exactly 24 months you will become a senior associate with us. By that time, you will be confident enough to be able to handle matters independently and give competent advice to clients. Partners will assist you throughout and will provide feedback. Also as a senior associate you will participate in the bonus scheme.

Salary Partner

After having worked as associate or senior associate with ADVANT Beiten for four to five years, you can take the next step and become a salary partner. The development of your expertise and your personal integrity are important for the decision to make you a salary partner, and for your career in general, as are acceptance by colleagues and clients, but also your positive contribution to the financial success of the firm. Salary partners receive a salary and a performance-based bonus.

Salary Partner – Local Partner – Equity Partner

After at least four years as a salary partner, we will, together with you, take another decision on your career: You will take the next step and become an equity partner, a local partner or choose to remain a salary partner for the long term. Keep in mind that we build on long-term relationships and that the way to the top will always be open to you.


Your first step to a career with us.

Whether as an intern, an experienced lawyer, an IT specialist or a secretary – we welcome your interest. And this is what you can expect from us.

Work Placement l Referendariat l Research Assistant

Work placement: Get to know us before you start your Referendariat! Exceptionally qualified students can gain an insight into the work of a corporate lawyer and the world of a large law firm as part of a work placement. It is important to us that you can get involved right from the start. You should therefore not be at the start of your studies, but already have the necessary basic knowledge. For law students, this means that you should have finished your fourth semester. Your application should be sent six months in advance and you should have at least four to six weeks for your placement. Did you enjoy your time with us? Then stay with us as a student assistant while you continue your studies.

Research assistant: Would you like to work while you write your doctoral thesis or wait for a position as a Referendar, or do you otherwise have a period of time that needs to be bridged? Then join us after your first or second state exam as a research assistant. Ideally, you would be able to provide our lawyers with support at least two or three days per week. This would allow you to work intensively on some exciting projects.

Referendariat: Are you one of our lawyers of tomorrow? Regardless of which part of your Referendariat you are doing: you will be supervised by lawyers from your chosen area of law and have a partner for a mentor. You will learn what it is like to work for clients, the professional aspects of our work and the way we work. Our internal training programmes are open to you. Would you like to prepare yourself for your second state exams? You can use our cooperation with the Repetico platform to access the flash cards from Alpmann Schmidt or improve your English. By the way, our expectations are the same for Referendare as they are for all our lawyers: you should have above average exam results and have qualifications or practical or other relevant experience, which demonstrate your enthusiasm for corporate law. Plan to spend at least three months with us and send us your application nine to twelve months in advance. If you are applying for a position in one of our foreign offices, please allow a little longer.

Direct Entry

AS AN ASSISTANT TAX ADVISOR OR AUDITOR: You have successfully completed your economics or accounting studies and plan to take your professional exams in the near future? Then let us take this journey together! Come and work with us as an assistant tax advisor or auditor. You will be involved in client work from the very first day. With the experience you gain from your studies and your practical work with us, we will help you move forward and prepare for your exams after about three years. Support – both financial and through time off to study – goes without saying.

AS AN ASSOCIATE OR TAX ADVISOR: You have your legal training or tax advisor exams successfully in the bag? Or you will have them soon and are planning for your future? We look forward to receiving your application for a position as an entry level associate or tax advisor.

AS A PARTNER: Do your clients rely on you? Our partners can also come from direct hires. Let’s speak openly about the opportunities.

Support positions

Our secretaries, IT specialists, business development and marketing personnel, HR team, translators, receptionists and other support staff work closely with our experts. Their contribu-tions are critical to our success, because we can only make a difference together, as a team.  If you have completed your vocational training, have high quality standards, are a real team player and like to take on responsibility, you have come to the right place! Would you like to start your career with us? Please get in contact with us: we provide vocational training for support staff at a number of our offices.

What we expect from you

We’re pursuing ambitious goals. In order to reach these goals, we need highly motivated, determined and professionally skilled team players. You should be confident and have excellent qualifications, ideally demonstrated by outstanding exam results. A strong understanding of commercial principles is also important as it will enable you to put yourself in the client’s position, understand their problems and provide the best advice possible.  Our international focus means good command of the English language is vital - strengthened by time abroad, where possible.  In addition, a doctorate or equivalent academic degree – gained from a foreign university – is desirable. Of course, we are not just interested in formalities. Your personality is equally important. We therefore look forward to getting to know you soon!

So, you’re interested in our law firm?

Referendar positions in 2021
of our experts are women
34 %
seminars at our ADVANT Beiten Academy


Get to know us better

“Individual solutions need trust. And that is exactly what you’ll find here.”

Salary Partners Haide Spanier and Julia Thöle on flexibility and goals

“Contact to clients early on and flat hierarchies – that’s what I value here.”

Salary Partner Stefan Bräunig about his start at the firm and his career prospects

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