Whether you are an energy provider, grid operator, municipal utility, infrastructure investor, project developer, manufacturer, a company active in an energy intensive industry, or a public authority: the turnaround in energy policy, increasing regulatory requirements, and digitalisation create ever increasing challenges for your sector. We understand this regulated market and the spectrum of legal issues you face. We are well-versed in all major topics currently facing the energy sector, such as energy production, grid expansion, network operation and energy trading. We can advise you comprehensively on all legal issues arising with respect to conventional and renewable energies. This includes M&A transactions, joint ventures, and all phases of a project, from planning and implementation through to operation, as well as on tender proceedings under energy law. We also provide representation before authorities and in contentious disputes.

Grid and infrastructure operator

We advise and support grid operators with respect to all regulatory issues, especially in relation to the fulfilment of their statutory obligations, connection and network access issues, and grid and infrastructure expansion. The interrelation between regulatory issues and the regulation of fees, as well as the regulation of the network charges themselves form a special focus. We represent grid and infrastructure operators in court proceedings to contest regulatory decisions and in administrative procedures before regulatory authorities.

  • Advising grid operators of all voltage levels and pressure ratings on questions of network regulation and the regulation of network charges
  • Providing advice to grid operators (regardless of voltage levels and pressure ratings) on planning and expropriation law issues in connection with the upgrade or expansion of the grid
  • Developing and assisting with compliance concepts, especially the fulfilment of unbundling requirements
  • Advising on all issues related to metering operations (smart grids and smart metering)
  • Developing, assessing, and negotiating the relevant network and metering agreements
  • Advising operators of closed distribution grids and customer installations
  • Providing advice and representation in concession procedures

Suppliers, traders and service providers

We draft and assess the necessary supply and distribution agreements and service agreements, and lead negotiations on your behalf. We provide legal opinions on the interpretation of contracts and the effectiveness of contractual arrangements and represent you before civil courts.

  • Drafting, assessing, and negotiating agreements for the procurement and supply of energy or energy trading (in accordance, e.g., with EFET, ISDA and German Raiffeisen Association (DRV) standards)
  • Advising on regulatory issues related to energy trading (REMIT, EMIR, and MiFID II)
  • Advising on electricity market issues (e.g., balancing energy, interruptible load), as well as balancing zone management issues
  • Providing support with emissions trading and emissions trading systems matters
  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts for services in the energy supply field.

You can find more information on the Act on Due Diligence in the Supply Chain in our legal area ESG.

Business and industry

We advise industrial and medium-sized companies from energy-intensive sectors, such as the steel, aluminium, chemicals, and paper industries, as well as trading companies and hospitals, on:

  • specific compensation rules,
  • the reduction of network charges and usage fees,
  • power and energy tax law, as well as concession levels,
  • the operation of closed distribution systems and customer systems,
  • all contracts concerning energy, and
  • approval procedures and the defence against complaints and claims from neighbours.

You can find more information in our sector Industrials.

Public sector

Public authorities turn to us for our expertise and operative advice. We support municipalities and their public utilities in all energy law issues and act as an expert for the German Federal Government and the European Union.

You can find more information in our sector Public Sector.