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Privacy Ticker February 2023

The February issue of our Privacy Ticker deals with changes in Legislation, the current case law, regulatory investigations and enforcement actions and opinions.

Topics in this issue are:

Changes in Legislation

  • EU-U.S. Collaboration for Development of AI

Case Law

  • Federal Constitutional Court: Police Act of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in Part Unconstitutional
  • Admin Court of Hanover: Amazon Data Collection in Lower Saxony Legal
  • ECJ: Activity as Works Council Member and Data Protection Officer not Generally Impossible
  • Federal Administrative Court: Analysis of Digital Data Carriers Inadmissible in Asylum Proceedings
  • Federal Constitutional Court: Use of Data Analysis Software by Police Unconstitutional

Regulatory Investigations and Enforcement Actions

  • French Data Protection Authority Imposes EUR 3 Million Fine on Voodoo
  • Irish Data Protection Authority: WhatsApp Fines EUR 5.5 Million for Incorrect Legal Basis
  • Italian Data Protection Authority Prohibits Use of Chatbot Replika


  • European Data Protection Board Publishes Report on Cookie Banners
  • DSK Evaluates Possibilities of Access by Third Country Public Bodies

The Privacy Ticker is available for download in the section below or here: LINK


Privacy Ticker_February 2023_ADVANT Beiten.pdf




Susanne_Klein_ADVANT Beiten

Susanne Klein

Rechtsanwältin, LL.M., Licensed Specialist for Information Technology Law, external data protection officer (certified by TÜV Nord)


Andreas_Lober_ADVANT Beiten

Dr Andreas Lober



Lennart_Kriebel_ADVANT Beiten

Lennart Kriebel


Senior Associate

Fabian Eckstein_Experte_ADVANT Beiten

Fabian Eckstein

Rechtsanwalt, LL.M. (Melit.)

Senior Associate

Jason Komninos_Experte_ADVANT Beiten

Jason Komninos

Rechtsanwalt, LL.M., Licensed Specialist for Information Technology Law

Senior Associate

Mathias_Zimmer-Goertz_ADVANT Beiten

Mathias Zimmer-Goertz



Christian Frederik_Döpke_Experte_ADVANT Beiten

Christian Frederik Döpke

Rechtsanwalt, LL.M., LL.M.

Senior Associate

Birgit Münchbach_ADVANT Beiten

Dr Birgit Münchbach

Rechtsanwältin, Licensed Specialist for International Commercial Law, Commercial and Corporate Law and Information Technology Law


Katharina_Mayerbacher_ADVANT Beiten

Katharina Mayerbacher

Rechtsanwältin, Licensed Specialist for Information Technology Law, external data protection officer (certified by TÜV Rheinland)