Legal Managed Services

Legal Managed Services

Legal Managed Services in day-to-day operations

Do you want to concentrate on your core business but still be confident that your day-to-day operations comply with all legal and tax requirements?

Are you also facing a constantly increasing workload, stagnating or declining budget, and resource shortages?

Our Legal Managed Services are a flexible, economical, high-quality solution. We relieve you of repetitive tasks and handle standard legal and tax issues and bulk business activities efficiently and economically. Our swift support in project work helps cushion the load.

Legal Managed Services for mass cases

Time is decisive when claims flood in or thousands of transactions need swift legal assessment. Our promise to you derives from this urgency: no more than four weeks after the start of a project, we will provide you with tailored, operational Legal Managed Services, regardless of the nature of the matter involved or the size and complexity of the project. “LEAD”, an adaptive legal-tech platform developed in-house by ADVANT Beiten, makes this possible.

Our Legal Managed Services Team works closely with the ADVANT Beiten experts for all sectors and areas of law, as well as our Business Solutions & Legal Tech Unit. Our legal project management utilises the most modern tools and technologies.

Ask us how our AI-supported solutions can benefit you.