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China: Deregistration in Case of Business License Revocation / Zombie Companies

Welcome to our new ADVANT Beiten edition on certain questions and answers of deregistration of PRC-registered companies whose business licenses has been revoked!

With this publication, we aim to provide you with essential information about this topic. We do this intentionally in a way which seeks to draw your attention to some important issues impacting the deregistration of companies who have their business license revoked. Hence, what we set out in this publication deals with some of the most common questions and situations we came across in our advisory services. Thus, please read this publication to get a first understanding on what aspects to look at when deregistering a company whose business license has been revoked and for any specific questions, please contact us anytime!

Please find the flyer in the download area below.


China Deregistration in Case of Business License Revocation_Zombie Companies_ADVANT Beiten.pdf