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Special Newsletter: Current Legislation: All companies must revise their employment agreements in July

Dear Readers,

On 23 June 2022, the German Bundestag approved the draft law implementing Directive (EU) 2019/1152 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 June 2019 on transparent and predictable working conditions in the European Union. The "Working Conditions Directive" aims to improve working conditions by promoting transparent and predictable employment while ensuring the adaptability of the labor market. The law still has to pass the German Bundesrat and is expected to come into force as early as 1 August 2022. This newsletter provides you with information on what needs to be done by 31 July 2022 with regard to (almost) all existing model employment agreements, as well as by August 2022 at the latest with regard to already existing employment agreements.

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The ADVANT Beiten Team of authors

Peter Weck
Dr Erik Schmid
Asil Buruncayir
Jörn Manhart

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