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Book review: Museums and the Holocaust (Second Edition)

ISBN 978-1-903987-42-1, 342 pp. published by the Institute of Art and Law

"The second edition of Museums and the Holocaust, edited by Ruth Redmond Cooper, Director of the Institute of Art and Law, gathers the contributions of renowned specialists in the field of provenance research and related legal issues. This new edition demonstrates the efforts being made since the first edition, written by Professor Norman Palmer, was published in 2000.

While my anticipation was already piqued by the online launch of the book on Holocaust Memorial Day, my high expectations were exceeded. Divided into three major parts, the book gives a comprehensive overview of the current situation on Nazi-looted art and its connection to museums worldwide."

Adrienne Bauer, Rechtsanwältin ADVANT Beiten München

This book review has been published by Art Law Foundation and Institute of Art and Law. You can access the complete review in the pdf attached below.

Book Cover Museums and the Holocaust_Institute of Art and Law


Book review_Museums and the Holocaust (Second Edition)_Adrienne Bauer.pdf