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    Dr Daniel Walden is Partner at ADVANT Beiten's Munich office and a member of the Litigation & Dispute Resolution practice group. Dr Walden specialises in commercial and corporate law and liability. He resolves complex disputes out of court as well as before state courts and arbitration tribunals, advises executive bodies (executive board, supervisory board, managing directors, etc.), accompanies shareholders' meetings and structural measures, answers questions regarding group law and accounting law-related issues and has extensive expertise in the areas of ESG, Due diligence in the supply chain, internal business organisation and compliance. For many years the focus of his work has been the efficient handling of directors' and officers' liability cases, taking into account the D&O insurance and, if necessary, other insurers. He also publishes regularly on the legal aspects of ESG, gives lectures on the subject and is co-editor of the first comprehensive work on "CSR and Law" as well as the the first commentary on the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act.

    Dr Daniel Walden studied law at the Universities of Constance and Dallas (USA) and was admitted to the German bar in 2002. He initially worked as a lawyer in the corporate law/M&A department of a US law firm in Dusseldorf and as an in-house lawyer and authorized signatory (Prokurist) in the legal department of Bayerische Hypo- und Vereinsbank AG in Munich. In 2009 he joined ADVANT Beiten as Partner.


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    Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG)
    C.H.BECK, Dr Daniel Walden and Dr André Depping (editors), 2022

    CSR and law - regognise and understand legal aspects of sustainable business management
    Gabler Verlag, Dr Daniel Walden and Dr André Depping (editors), 1st edition 2015


    CSDDD: The planned EU Supply Chain Directive and key differences to the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG)
    Dr Daniel Walden
    in:, 2024

    EU supply chain law: it's coming, it's not coming, it's coming, it's not coming...
    Dr Daniel Walden and Dr André Depping
    in: ZVertriebsR, Issue 2/2024, p. 69 ff.

    Human rights due diligence and ESG - a new field of activity (also) for lawyers
    Dr Daniel Walden and Dr André Depping
    in: Karriere im Recht, 1/2024, p. 4 ff.

    Complex regulatory landscape overwhelms many lawyers
    Dr. Daniel Walden (Quotes)
    in:, December 11, 2023

    LkSG-related human rights due diligence obligations when acquiring a company
    Dr Daniel Walden and Dr André Depping
    in: M&A Review, 07 September 2023

    Shell on the frontline of climate change litigation
    Dr Daniel Walden
    in:, 09 June 2023

    Climate change litigation: contribution to global justice or departure from basic (civil) legal principles?
    Dr Daniel Walden and Lukas Frischholz
    in: ZIP 49/2022, 09 December 2022, p. 2473 et seq.

    Human rights due diligence in the supply chain: BAFA seeks to concretize the LkSG
    Dr Daniel Walden and Dr André Depping
    in: SustainableValue 4/2022, p. 18 et seq.

    Improving the Protection of Human Rights - In Focus: The Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG)
    Dr Daniel Walden and Dr André Depping
    in: SustainableValue, 20 June 2022

    Consideration of environmental and social sustainability: Proposed amendments by the Government Commission on the German Corporate Governance Code
    Dr Daniel Walden and Dr. André Depping
    in: SustainableValue 1/2022, p. 3 et seq.

    ESG stakeholders at a glance
    Dr Daniel Walden, Dr André Depping and Martina Seidl
    in: SustainableValue 4/2021, p. 11 et seq.

    Sustainability is a matter for the boss!
    Dr Daniel Walden
    in: SustainableValue 1/2021, p. 22 et seq.

    Sustainability - Despite the Coronavirus Still the Topic of the Future
    Dr Daniel Walden
    in: Zdirekt! 03/2020

    Sustainability Remains Essential Even in Times of Corona!,
    Dr Matthias Etzel, Dr Daniel Walden, Dr André Depping
    in: Deutscher Anwaltsspiegel, 10 June 2020

    Auditor's Liability to Capital Investors for Incorrect Audit Certificate (Comment on Decision)
    Dr Daniel Walden
    in: Der Betrieb no. 22, 02 June 2020, p. 1167 et seq.

    Corporate Social Responsibility: Rights, Duties and Liability of the Management Board and Supervisory Board
    Dr Daniel Walden
    in: NZG 2/2020, p. 50 et seq.

    Legal Committee as Game Changer - the German Act for Implementing the Second EU Shareholder Rights Directive, ARUG II: Now More Sustainability Through Remuneration of the Management Board?
    Dr Daniel Walden
    in: Deutscher AnwaltSpiegel, 25/2019, p. 10 et seq.

    Human Rights Litigation – Future Trend or Individual Cases with High Publicity?
    Dr Daniel Walden, Dr André Depping and Dr Matthias Etzel
    in. DisputeResolution, 3/2018, p. 11 et seq.

    It's about responsible management
    Dr Daniel Walden and Dr André Depping
    in: Deutscher AnwaltSpiegel, 24/2015, p. 15 et seq.

    Claim for the Return of Payments Made to Buy off Actions to Set Aside Resolutions
    Daniel Walden and Erik Ehmann
    in: NZG 2013, p. 806-809

    On The Incongruity of Blanket Assignments
    Daniel Walden
    BKR 2006, p. 162-163

    Cross-border Merger into a European Company: Planning and Preparation
    Daniel Walden and Andreas Meyer-Landrut
    in: DB 2005, p. 2119-2127

    Cross-border Merger into a European Company: Resolution and Registration
    Daniel Walden and Andreas Meyer-Landrut
    in: DB 2005, p. 2619-2623

    Freedom of Establishment, Registered Seat Theory, and Submission Decision (Vorlagebeschluss) of the VII Division for Civil Matters at the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) as of 30 March 2000
    Daniel Walden
    in: EWS 2001, p. 256-263.


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    akzente WEBTALK: LkSG in practice: the risk analysis, November 8, 2022 [also available online: akzente Webtalk "LkSG in der Praxis" (1/4) Die Risikoanalyse - YouTube]

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    Supply Chain Act: implications for Austrian companies, AußenwirtschaftsCenter München, April 27, 2022 [also available online: Webinar | München | LIEFERKETTENGESETZ - Auswirkungen auf österreichische Unternehmen | 27.04.2022 - YouTube]

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