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ELA Munich Breakfast 2024 & Livestream

On Tueasday, May 28, 2024 ADVANT Beiten and the Employment Law Alliance will be joining forces to cross American-European bridges. Please join us in Munich for our early breakfast session starting at 8.00 am. In case you may not make it on site, please feel free to join via live stream as of 8.30 am.

Stephen J. Hirschfeld, Esq., Partner at Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP and Founder and CEO of the ELA, from San Francisco will talk about "What German companies with American operations need to know: How to best ensure legal compliance and minimize costly legal disputes when employing workers in the U.S."

Foreign companies with employees based in the U.S. continue to face great challenges when attempting to ensure legal compliance in each state where their employees live and work. In the post-pandemic world — where many companies employ remote employees across the country — employers are forced to figure out which laws and regulations apply to these workers.

This task is complicated by the fact that the U.S. Congress has become dysfunctional and has effectively left it to a number of different federal agencies and the individual states to regulate the workplace. Unfortunately, many of these new regulations and laws conflict with each other. 
So, what do German businesses need to do? This presentation will provide practical insight on current trends in labour and employment law in the U.S. and will cross bridges to the European Market.

The "ELA Munich Breakfast 2024" is driven by interactive discussions and Q&A and is free of charge for our ADVANT Beiten clients. To register, please click one this link.

We look forward to meeting you live as well as online!