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Guidelines on how to Cope with the Russian Crisis New Book Publication: Navigating the Crises - Die Krise bestehen

Berlin, 9 December 2015 – German enterprises are directly affected by both the EU and the US sanctions against Russia as well as the current economic crisis in Russia. In these difficult economic times enterprises find themselves faced with the question of how to maintain their business operations and transactions.
In their newly published book "Navigating the crisis – Die Krise bestehen (Overcoming the crisis)" a team of ten authors provides an overview of the relevant legal and financial aspects to be given special attention at present to manage the challenges in Russia.

The authors examine, in particular, how the current situation affects existing contractual relations, what has to be taken into account when entering new contracts and what type of collateral can prevent a shortfall in payments. The book focuses, inter alia, on issues such as checking the contracting partners, drafting of contracts, financial safeguarding, dealing with contracting partners, specific characteristics of labour law, staff management in crisis as well as how to behave in case of legal disputes and a partner's insolvency.

The editors of the publication, Falk Tischendorf and Prof. Dr. Rainer Wedde, have engaged in Russian business activities for many years. Falk Tischendorf studied law at the University of Hamburg. After having worked with leading international law firms in Moscow, he joined BEITEN BURKHARDT as Partner in 2008 and became head of the firm’s Moscow office in 2009. Since 2014, he also assumes the function of Head of the Compliance Committee of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce Abroad.
Dr. Wedde studied law at the Universities of Tubingen, Aix-en-Provence, Dresden and Freiburg/Breisgau, and obtained his doctoral degree at the University of Kiel. He has been working as a lawyer with international law firms in Moscow and Berlin.

As Business Law Professor Dr. Wedde has been teaching law at the Wiesbaden Business School since 2007 and he continues to work as Counsel with BEITEN BURKHARDT in Moscow.

Apart from lawyers working at the Moscow office of BEITEN BURKHARDT, the team of authors includes the renowned work sociologist Dr. Hannelore Schmidt, owner of ITMO, a company specialised in human resources management and cross-cultural management, and Andreas Steinborn, owner of the DELCREDA group of enterprises.


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