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BEITEN BURKHARDT and bulwiengesa discuss recent study on real estate investments

Dusseldorf, 31 January 2019 – The real estate management is one of the major topics of our time, and it represents a large market segment. In 2017 alone commercial property was traded in an amount of approx. EUR 58 bn. Where investments in these and other asset classes are still profitable has been investigated by bulwiengesa, with the help of the law firm BEITEN BURKHARDT, for the fourth time. Both examined the results of the '5% study' in front of a large audience at the Dusseldorf premises of the law firm.

'The 5% study 2018 - Where it's still worth investing', that is mainly a question of risk appetite. It also largely depends on what investors accept as sufficient for themselves. Those two essential aspects were soon agreed on by all participants after a welcome by Klaus Beine, lawyer, notary public and head of the Real Estate practice group at BEITEN BURKHARDT. However, the facilitators   Klaus Beine, Sven Carstensen, bulwiengesa analyst and moderator, Susanne Janßen at Dusseldorf Stadtsparkasse, Ralf Fröba at bulwiengesa appraisal   also did not shy away from discussing uncomfortable topics. Those were, above all, increasingly complex political conditions: controlled rents, conversion prohibitions, social environment protection orders, etc. Also the share deal as form of sale could soon cease to exist, politically endorsed.

At the same time, participants were excited to witness new trends emerge, for example co-working. Although still at a low level, it showed 'enormous growth', especially in top real estate cities classified as A and B. In addition, the hotel market is booming. At some places, also logistics properties are considered prime Investments.

Following the discussion, participants long continued their lively debates while enjoying snacks and drinks. Even many experts cannot predict how the different real estate classes are going to develop in face of rising interests, should that happen at all. Experts are thus already eagerly awaiting the '2019  5% study' which will again be presented at the locations of the law firm BEITEN BURKHARDT.

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