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Business breakfast in Moscow on the topic "Use of electronic media in a company’s activities"

Moscow, 28 February 2019 – A business breakfast was held in German Centre in Moscow on 28 February 2019, where Vasily Ermolin and Nikolay Potanin from BEITEN BURKHARDT spoke for 30 participants on the topic "Use of electronic media in a company’s activities. Overview of legislation and practical application".

The speakers focused on the following relevant issues:

  1. Changes to information on a company and the filing of objections
  2. E-services of a registration authority
  3. Subscription to a mailing on upcoming changes at a Company
  4. Electronic media used to convene and hold a meeting of participants and shareholders
  5. Use of electronic communications in contracts

The event was followed by a lively discussion, with the speakers answering questions of interest to the guests.