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BEITEN BURKHARDT held a business breakfast jointly with German Center in Moscow on the topic: “Procurements of goods, work and services under Federal Laws No. 44-FZ and No. 223-FZ”

A business breakfast was held in Moscow on 5 July 2017, where Kamil Karibov and Anna Klimova were the speakers. The topic of the business breakfast was “Procurements of goods, work and services under Federal Laws No. 44-FZ and No. 223-FZ”. The event was attended by 35 people.

The speakers focused on the following relevant issues:

  1. Recent amendments to legislation on public procurements (under the laws 44-FZ and 223-FZ).
  2. Import substitution and localization in public procurements.
  3. Practice of challenging procurements in connection with the imposition of illegal requirements on participants in procurements, excessive detail on the subject of the procurements, consolidation of a lot, etc.
  4. Violation of the procedure for holding procurement procedures: the main violations that make it possible to challenge procurement results.
  5. Unilateral termination of a contract, and the subsequent inclusion of the counterparty in the register of bad-faith suppliers: grounds for dismissing the appeal of the client.

The event was followed by a lively discussion, with the speakers answering questions of interest to the guests.


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