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Private Building
Construction &
Architectural Law

Private investors and property developers, building contractors and architects, funds and banks, and contracting authorities from the public sector come to us for advice during all phases of their construction projects and on all related agreements. Our experience with projects of almost any scale, including commercial airports, high-rise projects, sport and event venues, hotels and hospitals, industrial facilities and infrastructure, and residential and retail property projects is of note. Our services include:

  • advising on the best structure for a project, including designing and structuring joint ventures, consortia or building syndicates and drafting the necessary agreements

  • drafting and negotiating agreements between construction partners, e. g. with general contractors and construction managers, construction contracts, contracts with architects and engineers, and agreements for project management

  • providing support throughout the construction phase with any contractual questions that arise, including in relation to claims and the follow-up legal management of large construction projects

  • enforcing the rights and claims of our clients in the case of conflict, e. g. in disputes involving design faults and construction defects or remuneration issues. We also have significant experience in this area with legal proceedings.