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Sports Law

Our experts in the field of sports law are recommended.

JUVE Handbook of Commercial Law Firms 2017/2018

When we’re on the team, we always bring our “A” game. This is our attitude to sport in our leisure time, and to our work for you. It is especially true of our work in the field of sports law.

Contract law

Sports law is increasingly dynamic and multi-faceted. Almost no other area has undergone as much change in the past few years as sport.  This development and the increasing professionalisation of sport are reflected in the number of highly complex contractual rules in this area.

  • Advising on service agreements and agreements with freelance employees
  • Developing and analysing various agreements, including agency, cooperation, sponsoring, marketing, endorsement and equipment agreements
  • Providing advice on stadium agreements, arena leases and contracts of participation
  • Providing strategic advice on ticketing, general terms and conditions (GTCs) and enforcement
  • Advising on online shops, terms of use and general terms and conditions (GTCs)
  • Advising event organisers on questions of liability and insurance
  • Providing representation before courts and in arbitration

Multimedia law and the law of new media

Our legal expertise in the field of sports extends to new media and the internet. Our highly specialised teams are always up-to-date in this fast moving field, and can provide you with swift, practical solutions.

  • Advising on pay TV, on demand services and over-the-top content (OTT)
  • Advising on the procurement and marketing of advertising airtime
  • Providing advice with respect to the use of online advertising for marketing
  • Providing comprehensive legal advice on e-commerce
  • Licencing agreements for new media and mobile entertainment
  • Advising on advertising, sponsoring, testimonials and merchandising
  • Providing advice on liability for own content and third party content in digital media
  • Advising on social media and developing social media guidelines
  • Advising on the corporate presence in social networks
  • Providing advice in relation to prize draws or betting

Intellectual property

We have extensive experience, amassed over many years, in providing advice and representation before courts in cases concerning industrial property, copyright law and the law of unfair competition. This experience and knowledge allows us to provide comprehensive protection for intellectual property, licences and exploitation rights, as well as for the business activities of our clients in the sports sector.

  • Providing trademark and copyright law advice and advice on the law of unfair competition to associations, clubs and players
  • Developing brand strategies
  • Implementing national and international registration proceedings (German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA), EUIPO, WIPO)
  • Managing trademark portfolios
  • Out-of-court defence and enforcement of trademarks
  • Providing representation in administrative and court proceedings
  • Combatting piracy and online monitoring
  • Registering, supervising and researching domain names
  • Providing advice in the case of ambush marketing
  • Protection under the law of unfair competition against counterfeit goods
  • Protection of business secrets and know-how

Press law

Press law, including the general right of personality, also falls within our purview. We advise our sports sector clients on all legal issues related to the publication of media products.

  • Freedom of expression
  • Law of print and visual reporting
  • Freedom of speech
  • Right of reply
  • Personal freedoms
  • Advising on the unauthorised use of images
  • Defence against negative media campaigns
  • Providing legal advice with respect to imminent damage to reputation

Data protection law

We have excellent know-how in data protection law and advise our clients in the sports sector on the whole spectrum of topics in this area. In addition, we are familiar with the many requirements of the law on the protection of minors, despite the fact that these requirements are spread over numerous provisions.

  • Implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Designing digital business models in line with data protection rules
  • Data protection in e-commerce, mobile commerce and digital marketing
  • Data protection with respect to advertising in a digital environment or targeted advertising
  • Customer relationship management systems and customer loyalty programmes
  • International transfer of data in the field of sports
  • The protection of minors in the sports sector

Tax law

There are numerous complex challenges in the sports sector. We provide integrated tax law advice to associations, clubs and professional sports players, based on their needs, in order to prevent tax issues from becoming challenges. We assist with tax declarations for Germany and abroad, analyse the tax situation and deliver tailored, individual solutions. Our mission is to provide efficient solutions in line with your specific needs, so that you can focus your attention on you sporting achievements instead.

  • Providing tax law advice to professional sports persons, clubs and associations
  • Advising on the tax law applicable to non-profits, including negotiating with tax authorities
  • Providing guidance and assistance to foundations that support and promote sports
  • Advising on national and international tax declarations before, during and after the end of the client’s active sports career
  • Individual design and structure of investment portfolios
  • Safeguarding existing assets; reasonable separation of private assets to ensure a good standard of living in old age
  • Succession planning
  • Portfolio reporting and controlling
  • Comprehensive advice on submitting corrections to tax declarations and making voluntary disclosures