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ADVANT Beiten Strengthens its Labour Law Division with Two Established Partners in Berlin and Munich

Berlin/Munich, 04 July 2022 - The international law firm ADVANT Beiten strengthens its labour law division with two renowned partners. Dr Michael Matthiessen joined in March from Hardtke, Svensson & Partner and Dr Sebastian Kroll will start on 01 September 2022 after having worked for Ruge Krömer.

Dr Michael Matthiessen joined the Berlin labour law team as a Partner on 01 March 2022. He is a labour law specialist and has been a lecturer at the University of Greifswald since 2009. His area of expertise includes the out-of-court advice and representation of employers in individual and collective law disputes. He focuses on the areas of drafting employment agreements, termination and time limitation of employment relationships as well as works constitution. He regularly advises companies in the sectors of health, banking and automotive retail.

The labour law division in Munich is also welcoming a renowned addition to the team. Dr Sebastian Kroll will be joining the practice group there as a partner on 01 September 2022. He also is a labour law specialist. He focuses on collective labour law, the assistance with restructuring (including the negotiations concerning volunteer programmes, reconciliation of interests and social plans), assignment of external staff as well as legal representation, in particular in dismissal protection lawsuits. He regularly advises companies, predominantly in the sectors of marketing and advertising, mechanical and plant engineering, health, insurance and publishing, as well as employers in the public sector.

"We are pleased that with the two new additions we were able to gain two colleagues who are highly respected and established in the market," says Markus Künzel, Head of the Practice Group Labour and Employment Law in ADVANT Beiten's Munich office, adding, "Both have many years of industry expertise that fits perfectly into our existing advisory portfolio; and they excellently complement our team of cooperating experts across offices - both professionally and personally."

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Head of the Labour & Employment Law practice group
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