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Russia: Parallel Imports of Medical Goods

Effective methods to prevent them and practical recommendations for rights holders in the face of the crisis

Parallel import remains one of the most relevant topics in trademark protection in Russia.

On the one hand, foreign rights holders that are the manufacturers of medical goods still retain almost complete control over the import of goods bearing their trademark into Russia, as well as the ability to preclude unauthorized shipments.

In general, in 2022, thanks to the joint work of rights holders and the Russian customs authorities, more than 7 million non-genuine goods were identified at the import stage, although in 2020 this number was over 13 million — almost twice as much.

The ability to control the import of trademarked medical goods allows rights holders to increase their sales, protect their distributors in the country, and also protect their brand’s reputation.

However, the situation is changing rapidly. The partial legalization of parallel imports is affecting more and more sectors, and already calls are being heard for parallel imports of medical goods to be allowed as well, if rights holders reduce supplies to Russia or even suspend and withdraw their business from the country.

The antitrust risks that result from the fight against parallel imports and the restriction on the ability importers to bring authentic goods into Russia also add fuel to the flames.

In addition, the distribution of medical goods is a centre of contention: on the one hand, rights holders fight to ensure the quality of goods being delivered, but on the other hand the Russian antitrust authorities believe that under certain circumstances imports by parallel or “independent” importers can be a good thing.

In this brochure, we will talk about how to do business in turbulent conditions and how to maintain control over imports and avoid falling into antitrust traps.


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