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Sustainable City of the Future: Legal Challenges

The concept of sustainable development has become part of the Russian legal agenda, in part thanks to the consequences of the pandemic. The pandemic updated the topic of the sustainable development of cities: the transfer of a number of services online, work with big data, the search for secure forms of communication, the focus on individual health and motivation at the workplace, the use of “smart” technologies in management and much else besides. Sustainable development today is represented by the environment and comfort, modern urbanism, lean consumption technologies and socio-cultural aspects. The experience of countries moving forward in this direction shows why cities are the drivers of such experiences and reforms, whose implementation is contingent on well-adjusted legal regulation. In the proposed article, Kamil Karibov and Ekterina Sidenko analyze the specific modern trends on the real estate market which embody the concept of sustainable development and the challenges posed by such trends for the legal system.

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Sustainable City of the Future - Legal Challenges_Legal Insight_March 2021.pdf