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Kamil Karibov speaks at the 2019 European Real Estate Day organized by the Association of European Businesses


The European Real Estate Day, organised by the Association of European Businesses, was held in Moscow on 26 September 2019. The invited guests included Maurice Leroy, Deputy General Director for International Relations and Prospective Assets of AO Mosinzhproyekt and former Minister of City Affairs of France.

The following topics were discussed at the event:

  • How to invest in the digital era? The transformation of Russia’s real estate and construction market
  • Real estate as a service: Is there a place for Russian venture capital on the real estate market?
  • The Russian digital technologies market in real estate
  • Pot-luck investment: Crowdfunding
  • Can operation and management be innovative?
  • Investment asset management. Financial modeling and real estate valuation: ModelTree - examples of use

Kamil Karibov, Partner at BEITEN BURKHARDT, spoke on the topic "Integration of BIM Methodologies in Contract Law: Russian and International Experience" as part of the "Innovations in Design and Construction" Session. Other speakers in this session included: Sergey Volkov, Head of the Experimental Design and Construction Division of Mosstroyrazvitie of the Department of Urban Planning Policy of Moscow, who spoke on the implementation of BIM on the Russian market; Alexey Merkulov, Director of Digital Technologies, PMK Group, with a case study of information modelling using Rublyovo-Arkhangelsky as an example; and others.

It should be noted that conference participants were especially interested in questions about BIM technologies. In today’s world, BIM is rapidly taking over the construction industry and opening up new horizons. A study of accumulated experience shows that the use of BIM allows the time and cost of construction projects to be substantially reduced.




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