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The specifics of formalising “built-to-lease” and “built-to-suit” transactions

Over the past few years there has been a perceptible increase in the number of “built-to-lease” and “built-to-suit” transactions concluded on the Russian real estate market, in particular, in the warehouse segment. Oleg Ljaljutski explains what BTS transactions are from a legal standpoint and describes the most common problems that tend to arise when they are concluded in an article entitled: “A very mixed agreement. The specifics of formalising “built-to-lease” and “built-to-suit” transactions” in the Legal Practice section of the journal Commercial Real Estate, No. 11–12 (389–390), (1–2) June 2021.

The article is only available in Russian and can be accessed as a pdf file below.


Commercial Real Estate_BTL vs BTS_BEITEN BURKHARDT.pdf