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Altana, Beiten Burkhardt and Nctm form new European law firm association

ADVANT established to become a leading legal advisor for clients expanding into or within Europe

MILAN, MUNICH and PARIS (15 September 2021) – Three leading European law firms today announced the launch of a new law firm association – ADVANT – which is uniquely positioned to support clients seeking to expand into, or within, continental Europe.

ADVANT has been established by three independent business law firms: Altana (France), Beiten Burkhardt (Germany), and Nctm (Italy). The members of ADVANT are well-established and highly regarded firms in their respective jurisdictions, and together have significant expertise across a number of distinct practice areas and industry sectors.

As well as collectively supporting major international clients moving into or expanding within Europe, ADVANT firms will also continue to support their national clients with their needs in their respective jurisdictions and internationally. All firms will remain independent legal entities but are incorporating the ADVANT name into their respective brands going forward.

With combined revenues of €216m (2020) and combined team of more than 600 professionals, including more than 140 equity partners, ADVANT is already one of Europe’s largest legal advisors. It currently has a presence in 13 locations across Europe (Berlin, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, London, Milan, Munich, Paris, Rome) and around the world (Beijing, Moscow, Shanghai).

ADVANT is structured as a Swiss Verein, and will be governed by a Board comprised of two representatives from each member firm. The association will be actively recruiting new members in additional key European markets over the years ahead, as it pursues a growth strategy to become a leading European legal advisor.

Philipp Cotta, managing partner of ADVANT Beiten, said:

“Our firms have known one another and worked together for many years now, and over that time it became clear that our values and vision for the future were very much aligned. We believe that we are stronger together, and offer a unique proposition to the market which will enable us to become a top European player.”

Jean-Nicolas Soret, representing the partners of ADVANT Altana, added:

“There is a distinctive opportunity in the legal market for an advisor that combines best-of-breed local expertise and relationships with international reach, but very much focused at a European level. This is the gap that ADVANT fills, offering clients a new perspective and a distinctive advantage as they seek to enter or expand within Europe.”

Paolo Montironi, senior partner of ADVANT Nctm, commented:

“Moving forward together provides a platform for all of us to continue to grow and expand in the years to come. For clients, the result will be true advantage by having seamless access to market-leading specialists in each jurisdiction, and by working with a legal advisor that is focused specifically on Europe. For our respective teams, the association will represent an attractive, multinational work environment for lawyers that embrace the diversity of Europe, creating new opportunities for professional development, collaboration and personal growth. It’s a win-win.”



ADVANT is a European law firm association which is uniquely positioned to give clients the advantage as they navigate the complex and nuanced legal and commercial landscape of Europe.

ADVANT member firms are leading legal advisors in their respective jurisdictions.

ADVANT is one of the largest European legal advisors. Its combined team is comprised of more than 600 professionals, including more than 140 equity partners, in 13 locations across Europe and beyond.

The association was established in 2021 by three founding member firms – Altana in France, Beiten Burkhardt in Germany, and Nctm in Italy.

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  • Founded in 2009, ADVANT Altana is an independent law firm with 85 lawyers, and is one of the leading business law firms in France.
  • Founded in 1990, ADVANT Beiten is an independent law firm with about 260 lawyers, tax advisers and accountants, and is one of the leading commercial law firms in Germany.
  • Founded in 2000, ADVANT Nctm is an independent law firm with 262 lawyers and tax advisors, and is one of the leading commercial law firms in Italy.

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