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Adjusting HR practices without delay

"On June 23, 2022 the German Bundestag adopted a package of amendments to implement the EU Working Conditions Directive. The seemingly mundane amendments to the German Act on the Notification of Conditions Governing an Employment Relationship (Nachweisgesetz - NachwG) and other laws significantly extend the employer's obligation to provide (prospective) employees with information about key aspects of the employment relationshop. The package establishes minimum working conditions concerning the maximum duration of any probationary period, parallel employment, minimum predictability of work, requests for transition to a different form of employment, as well as mandatory training. Crucially, while the Act previously played an insignificant role, fines may now be imposed for failure to comply."

Read the full article by Dr Erik Schmid and Peter Weck, which appeared in Issue 3/2022 of LabourLawMagazine, starting on page 8 here or in the PDF attached.


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