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The 5% Survey: Successful Kick-off Event at the Frankfurt Office of BEITEN BURKHARDT

On Thursday, 6 September 2018, the so-called 5% Survey was presented at our Frankfurt office which explores the yield potential of the German real estate market.

The analysis of the markets with regard to their earning opportunities was spectacularly presented to approx. 100 attendees.

The results can be summarised as follows:

  • Residential investments hardly offer protection against inflation
  • A-classified office markets: Many slip below the 3% threshold
  • Profits again fell sharply – rise only to be seen in shopping centres
  • High yieds only in niche markets

Furthermore, the survey which was also handed over to our guests on site provides detailed information on real estate of individual yield segments such as "6 percenters" or "4 percent-ers" as well as comprehensive individual lists of A-, B-, C- and D-classified cities in different segments, always in relation to the IRR property-related.

Already for the fourth time in succession bulwiengesa, one the major independent analysts of the real estate industry, has carried out this survey with the support of BEITEN BURKHARDT, headed by Klaus Beine and Detlef Koch, as well as HIH Real Estate GmbH.

This year for the first time, the results will not only be presented at our Frankfurt office but also to interested guests at all German BEITEN BURKHARDT offices in the context of a Road Show.

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