International Network

Spanish Desk

Our “Spanish Desk” combines country and regional know-how with specialist legal expertise. For many years it has represented the interests of Spanish and Latin American companies, which are active on the German market, and the interests of German companies active in Spain or Latin America.

Our experts have each lived and worked in Spain or South America for some time. They coordinate even complex mandates involving various areas of law and manage them, where necessary, in Spanish.

Our Spanish Desk provides our clients with comprehensive assistance throughout all stages of their business operations. This includes advice on and support with all corporate law issues, mergers and acquisitions, labour law, real estate law, and intellectual property and IT, as well as participation agreements and joint ventures, including advice on financing and tax law.

We have developed a close network of law firms in Spain and Latin America, seasoned over many years, which cooperates efficiently and closely and provides advice tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

We have particular expertise in the automotive, banking, real estate, technology, tourism, energy supply and logistics sectors, as well as with venture capital and start-ups.

At a glance

  • Corporate law
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Start-ups and venture capital
  • Real estate
  • Tax law
  • Banking and finance law, in particular corporate finance
  • Capital market law
  • Intellectual property