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Medical & Pharmaceutical Law

Our experts in the field of Medical & Pharmaceutical Law are recommended.

( 2019/2020)

Our interdisciplinary team of specialists assists our clients with all medical law issues. We advise private, municipal and non-governmental charitable institutions. Our clients include day and inpatient hospitals, medical ambulances, university clinics, inpatient and outpatient nursing institutions, medical device and pharmaceutical companies, as well as medical care centres.

Following you can inform yourself about our main practice areas. In addition, we provide comprehensive legal and tax advice to companies active in the health sector. You can find more information under Health.

Law applicable to hospitals

  • Social security law
  • Planning and finance law
  • Licencing and authorisation law
  • The protection of “social data,” e.g. patient health and health insurance data

Social security law

  • Advice on the Social Security Code (SGB), parts I, V to VIII, X, and XI

Procurement law

  • Tenders e.g. of rebate agreements
  • The tender of selective agreements
  • The tender of construction projects

Cooperation projects, including cross-sector projects

  • Assessing admissibility
  • Drafting contracts
  • Assisting with consultations with the relevant authorities, where applicable
  • Providing assessments with respect to anti-corruption provisions


  • Due diligence
  • Contractual negotiations
  • Drafting contracts and agreements
  • (Legal) Integration

Pharmaceuticals law

  • Licencing and approval law
  • Providing support with official proceedings

State aid law

  • Assessing the legal requirements
  • Advising on the grant of aid