ADVANT Beiten is recommended in the field of Foreign Trade.

(JUVE Handbook German Commercial Law Firms 2021/2022)

We advise logistics companies and all companies that use or provide logistics services (warehouse, transport or project logistics) on all legal issues related to procurement logistics, production logistics and sale and distribution logistics. We also assist with the management of logistics projects, ensuring legal compliance and preventing conflicts.

“Strength: Antidumping and subsidy duties.” 
(JUVE German Commercial Law Firms 2018/2019) 

Warehousing and logistics law

  • Warehousing agreements
  • Warehousing law (consignment or bonded warehouses and complex warehouse solutions)
  • Advising on supply chain management and data warehousing

Transport and freight forwarding law

  • Freight forwarding law (defining responsibilities and liability risks)
  • National and international transport law for all modes of transport (road, rail, air or sea)
  • Transport insurance law (such as insurance for cash-in-transit or the transport of valuables, product advice)
  • Enforcement of and defence against recourse claims with respect to insurance for the transport of goods or freight forwarder liability insurance

Further support

  • Antitrust and merger control advice and representing transport and logistics companies before competition authorities and courts
  • Management of claims for damages
  • Drafting logistics and outsourcing agreements
  • Designing General Terms and Conditions (GTCs)


We work extensively with enterprises in the logistic industry. In doing so, we have particular experience with import and export businesses.

At a glance:

  • Transport and warehousing Agreements
  • International transport law for all types of carriers
  • Transport insurance law
  • Import and export rules
  • Anti-dumping advice and representation
  • Customs law, including litigation, recovery and other procedures
  • Origin and tarification issues
  • Enforcement and defence of claims for damages occurring during transport and under insurance
  • Antitrust, merger control and state aid
  • Advice for regulatory matters, such as veterinary controls of the registration requirements for food importers or under REACH
  • Early warning systems
  • Representation in damages claims and arbitration
  • Lobbying, such as for amendments of import quotas or to the Customs Code


Our understanding of Chinese business practices and the regulations applicable to logistics and transport serve as the foundation for our work on matters such as the establishment of foreign-invested logistics companies or warehousing and distribution entities, the acquisition of Chinese-owned logistics companies or drafting f contractual terms for the international transport of goods.

At a glance:

  • Drafting contracts for international trade and the transportation of goods
  • Advising on the logistics aspects of domestic transactions
  • Establishing foreign-invested logistics and transportation companies
  • Dispute settlement