Defence & Security

The EU Member States have a combined annual defence budget of more than EUR 160 billion. Work towards the creation of a common European defence and security policy has strengthened integration of national defence markets and meant that the trade in and procurement of defence and security goods and services are increasingly subject to EU law. Member States now have fewer possibilities to restrict competition in this sector by claiming "national interest" grounds and there have been a number of significant changes to national rules, too.

For many years, ADVANT Beiten has actively advised the defence and security sector. Our extensive expertise enables us to provide optimal legal support to our clients as they navigate national and international procurement markets, giving them the tools to respond to the changing legal framework.

At a glance:

  • Development of procurement strategies
  • Drafting contracts, including model agreements
  • Public law, including public pricing law
  • Support in antitrust and competition proceedings
  • Litigation
  • Procurement law and procurement proceedings


Defence and security mandates often require special precautions and involve additional or unusual procedures. Mergers in the defence sector, for example, can be referred back to national authorities on public interest grounds. Our work in this field is particularly strong in antitrust, state aid and customs law.

Defence cases have included submarines and fighter planes, tank armour and protective headwear. Clients in the security field are involved, for example, in security and lock systems, passport controls and forgery prevention as well as anti-terrorism.