Legal Areas


Clients and general overview

We provide comprehensive advice to medium-sized companies, multinational groups, start-ups and investors from Germany and abroad on general trade and distribution law, on the trade in goods and services, and at all stages of the value chain - from procurement and purchase, to manufacture and production and to the distribution and sale via national and international B2B and B2C businesses. 

What sets us apart

Excellent technical know-how and many years of experience in a number of sectors enables us to provide our clients with practical solutions, tailored to their commercial concerns and specific needs, for all complex issues and legal questions arising in their daily business. Over many years, we have grown alliances into a global network of first-class correspondence law firms. This enables us to successfully assist with, advise on and manage commercial issues worldwide (and act as a partner in a team of law firms).

You can find further information under Antitrust Law, Conflict Resolution, and in relation to our work in specific sectors, such as the Automotive Sector, Hotels & Leisure, Information Technology & Telecommunication Law and Logistics.

Procurement, purchase, manufacture and production

  • Advising on, drafting and negotiating procurement and supply agreements, as well as framework agreements and OEM contracts
  • Advising on, drafting and implementing general terms and conditions (GTC)
  • Providing advice on all contract management issues and in connection with supply chains
  • Drafting and advising on sector-specific agreements (manufacturing agreements, contract manufacturing agreement and licencing contracts, R&D cooperation agreements, tooling arrangements, lifetime contracts, consignment warehousing agreements, quality control agreements, etc.)
  • Advising on the structure of contracts in relation to cooperations and joint ventures
  • Providing support with and advice on product liability and product safety (including product recalls and product warnings)
  • Advising on and implementing processes and procedures for the enforcement of or defence against claims under product liability law, warranties or supply agreements

Distribution and Sale

  • Providing advice on the structuring, establishment and reorganisation of national and international distribution systems (including direct marketing, selective distribution, exclusive distribution and composite distribution systems)
  • Advising on distribution and marketing strategies and providing support with implementing measures
  • Advising on, drafting and implementing general terms and conditions of sale (GTC) and terms of use for B2B and B2C structures
  • Advising on sales representative, authorised dealer, distributor and commission models
  • Providing advice on and support with franchise systems and agreements
  • Advising on online distribution and e-commerce
  • Providing advice on the antitrust law aspects of distribution and on compliance audits (e.g. of websites and portals)